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Hemp Can Reshape Our World For Maximum Sustainability — But Are We Ready?

Hemp could be revolutionary for the planet.

So why aren’t more U.S. investors jumping on the opportunity to pioneer the change?

We’ll explain in a minute.

But first, if you’re a hemp grower, manufacturer, or consumer, we have to say…


It’s advocates like you who are going to help this industry reach its full potential…

And drive forward a more sustainable world.

In fact, to date…

Hemp Is a Gamechanger for Sustainable Agriculture

And when you grow hemp or invest in the industry’s growth, you’re supporting 5 key sustainability benefits.

Let’s take a closer look.

#1 Hemp is a carbon-negative crop… Which can help reduce the risks of climate change and restore equilibrium to the earth.

#2 Hemp helps out with phytoremediation, a process in which plants draw contaminants out of water and soil.

#3 Hemp for textiles may use less water than other crops. In fact, an EIHA hemp report from 2019 claims it’s 24 times more water-efficient than cotton.

#4 Hemp growers enjoy greater yield-per-acre. Hem Mill’s CEO, Madison Sexton, told Hemp Benchmarks that “Cotton is about 600 to 900 pounds per acre yield. Hemp varies between 2,700 to 4,500 pounds per acre.”

#5 Hemp needs fewer pesticides and fungicides than other crops, helping to ensure a safer product for the end consumer.

Keep in mind, the following benefits are just a harbinger of what’s to come in the world of hemp discoveries and innovations.

And it doesn’t just stop there…

Hemp Can Help Other Industries Turn Green, Too

Because here’s the thing…

A greener brand isn’t just better for the environment.

It’s better for business.

And several companies are getting on board with sustainability practices as a way to differentiate their offers and attract environmentally-conscious consumers.

For example, BMW and Mercedes both have vehicles that utilize hemp instead of plastic.

Using hemp as a bioplastic for these cars reduces their weight, making them lighter, cheaper to manufacture, and more fuel-efficient.

And according to Hemp Benchmarks, research shows the promise of hemp biofuels to reshape the construction industry.

Make no mistake, it was the power of hemp to replace the paper industry that led to its prohibition in the early twentieth century.

So, back to that original question…

When Will U.S. Investors See the Light?

The main culprit behind hemp fiber’s lack of funding in the states?

Investors don’t know where the dust will settle yet with all the regulatory issues.

And despite its enormous promise to create the types of progressive changes so many people want to see, they’re wary to step on the gas before the industry finds its sea legs.

For the time being, the US hemp fiber market is largely dominated by overseas textiles carrying the weight of heavy tariffs.

Here’s What It Means for Us as a Community

In order for hemp fiber to have its day in the sun here in the states, we need to push forward with growing the plant.

We need to advocate for its benefits and form partnerships with companies interested in a better future.

The more we keep the conversation going…

And the more time we spend researching, innovating, and growing…

The more likely investors are to help us build the market.

Here at Advanced Hemp, we’re committed to doing our part.

And we couldn’t be happier to have you along this journey.