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Advanced Hemp CEO BigMike

About Advanced Hemp and CEO BigMike Straumietis

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Hi, I’m BigMike Straumietis, founder and CEO of Advanced Hemp.

I’ve been in the cannabis industry a long time.

Since 1983, I’ve overseen the cultivation of millions of cannabis plants.

And in 1999 I founded Advanced Nutrients, which is now the top-selling cannabis-specific nutrient brand in the world.

I was awarded one of the first three licenses in the world from a national government to grow cannabis for research purposes.

And let me tell you, back in the dark ages of cannabis prohibition, it was not easy to get one of those licenses.

Over the years, my team of world-class Ph.D. scientists and I have brought 53 innovations to the science of cannabis and cannabis cultivation.

BigMike cannabis cultivation

Now, cannabis across the globe — including hemp — is better because of the breakthroughs we’ve made.

And because of our reputation, the cannabis growing community has made us the No. 1-selling brand in 107 countries.

In fact, our products are used in more cannabis crops than any other cannabis fertilizer brand in the world.

Now, along with revolutionizing the science of cultivation, I’ve also played a key role in the legalization of hemp as an agricultural commodity — a cause I’ve been passionate about for decades.

I’ve been featured on Kennedy on the Fox Business Network, where I talked about legalization, the 2018 Farm Bill, and steps the government needs to take to make your life as an American hemp farmer easier, better, and more profitable.


I’ve also discussed the industry with Yahoo Finance.


And on Cheddar CannaBiz…

I’ve been featured on HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, worked as an advisor on Showtime’s Weeds, and was profiled in Forbes magazine for the record-breaking yields I help farmers produce.

I’ve also been on the cover of every major cannabis magazine.

Bear in mind, I don’t say this to impress you…

I say it to impress upon you that I’m someone you should listen to.

Quite simply, I understand the science of farming hemp better than anyone on the planet.

Now, I’ve long believed two things…

1. Industrial hemp can be a saving grace for the American economy.

2. A key to success and personal fulfillment is helping other people get what they want.

This is why I enjoy helping hemp farmers like you maximize profits in your hemp crops.

To help you make as much money per acre of hemp as possible.

How To Address the Most Pressing Problems Threatening to Destroy Your Hemp Crop

I respect you for choosing a way of life for which many people don’t have the work ethic or intestinal fortitude.

You’re not afraid to roll up your sleeves and get to work. I commend you for that.

Farming is a high-risk profession.

And venturing into a new market, like hemp, is fraught with uncertainties.

Hemp is a temperamental and demanding crop.

And along with its cultivation comes a whole host of potential issues and land mines, including…

  • High up-front costs
  • Uncertain supply chains
  • Market saturation driving prices down
  • A high level of scrutiny from regulators
  • The risk of your crop producing more than .3% THC
  • Lack of proper processing equipment
  • Drying/processing bottlenecks
  • Quack consultants and sham seed banks out to make a fast buck off of you
  • Pot pirates mistaking your hemp for marijuana and ripping you off
  • A lack of quality, reliable information from sources you can trust

I could go on and on with the things that could destroy your chances of a successful hemp season.

Since the Hemp Farming Act of 2018 was signed into law, a lot of good farmers have rolled the dice on hemp.

More than a few of them learned their lessons the hard way.

They did their best to coax this sensitive crop into flourishing.

And for some, it worked out. But few made the kind of money they were hoping for. And many ended up with a nightmare on their hands and little to show for their investment and hard work.

Some even lost their farms — literally.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

Hemp Farming for CBD is Here to Stay. But Is It Profitable?

As long as you’re armed with…

  1. The right information
  2. Quality hemp genetics (including hemp strain selection)
  3. Hemp-specific fertilizer
  4. Effective systems

…you can maximize yields, hemp CBD and CBG levels, and profits.

Now, I want you to know that we’re here to support you in any (or all) of these areas.

If you have questions about your crops or your overall hemp strategy, or if you’re facing challenges with your hemp that you want to overcome, we’re just a phone call away.

All you need to do is call 971-979-HEMP and we’ll do what we can to get you on the right track.

And if needed, we can send one of our scientists or hemp experts out to your farm.

We even have portable equipment that will enable you to make sure your THC levels are in compliance (since producing too much of it can be a nightmare).

I’m not aware of any other company that has diagnostic equipment they’ll bring to your field.

The equipment allows you to detect when your cannabinoids are reaching peak and THC is still in compliance, so you’ll know right when to harvest. If your hemp is approaching the point where it could push out too much THC, you can intervene and make sure you don’t harvest too late.

A lot of farmers don’t realize that a plant will produce CBG first and then decide whether to make CBD or THC.

The last thing you want is the federal government coming in and snatching up all your hard work — especially when the situation could’ve been so easily avoided.

A lot of problems from the 2019 season could’ve been avoided. And we’re here to help ensure you avoid the many common mistakes farmers make when getting into hemp.

Farmers who are new to hemp simply don’t understand the nuances we’ve been researching and dealing with for the past 21 years.

The good news is, we’re happy to work lockstep with you through the entire season and make sure that you have a successful crop.

And not only do we provide unparalleled support and practical solutions that are backed by more science than anyone else’s in the industry.

For example, feeding your crops with just traditional ag fertilizers won’t cut it. Not if you want to be one of the few and proud to succeed with hemp in 2020 and grow large yields of clean hemp that’s high in CBD and CBG.

Enter Advanced Hemp, the only fertilizer in the industry that brings hemp to its full genetic potential.

Having us in your corner is like having the ultimate unfair advantage.

We stack the deck in your favor and help you get the most out of each acre of hemp you farm.

Yes, hemp is finicky.

Yes, it needs to be treated differently than corn, hay, wheat, or beans.

And, yes, get it wrong and you could end up flushing a whole lot of your time, money, and effort down the drain.

But get it right, and hemp could be your most profitable crop.

And that’s what my team and I are for…

To help you get it right.

To cut through the BS that many of the quack hemp “consultants” are slinging right now and give you the unfiltered, no-BS, no-holds-barred truth about how you can maximize your hemp profits.

Drought, flood, fire, pests/disease, and fluctuating commodity (including CBD and CBG) prices can make farming challenging enough. The hard reality is that there are things that are out of your control. Such is the life of the American farmer.

But one thing that IS in your control is whether or not you choose to leverage science to maximize your yields.

At Advanced Hemp, we’re on the cutting edge of that science, driving it further forward than anyone in the industry.

And as science reveals more, we’ll keep you apprised.

My team and I have done a tremendous amount of heavy lifting that you can start putting to work for you today.

Too many new hemp farmers got their tails kicked in 2019.

The future doesn’t have to be like that. Not for you.

If you’re strategic and do it the right way — like we’re going to show you — you CAN profit wildly with hemp.

And that’s exactly what we’re here to help you do.

Now, I want you to know that I respect you

I respect that farming is how you make a living.

I respect that you take tremendous risks in order to put food on your table.

And I respect that you work hard and give everything of yourself to what you do.

I, too, give everything of myself to what I do. Frankly, I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And that’s why I want to see you succeed.

I also want your hemp farming efforts to go a long way toward building a secure future for you and your family.

Because for many of us, that’s what it’s really about — family.

Now, there’s something else you should know…

I’m a giant believer in the incredible healing powers of CBD.

CBD can be a highly effective, all-natural alternative to many of the medicines Big Pharma (and the medical community in its pocket) push on the American public.

I’ve seen the devastating effects that medications can have on people’s lives. I’ve seen it in the lives of my loved ones. Medications that were supposed to help my mother ended up causing devastating problems (addiction and side-effect-related health issues).

I’m NOT against medication. Obviously, medication can save lives. But in many cases, there are safer, natural alternatives, like CBD. I wish my mother had taken CBD over some of the dangerous narcotics her doctors prescribed.

And I’d rather see the profits go to you, the American farmer, than to Big Pharma.

Farming is one of the most admirable ways to earn a living. And I feel somewhat indebted to you for being a part of it.

So I’m going to do what I can to support you, and to help make hemp farming as lucrative as possible for you.

To me, business should be about so much more than just profits. It should be about community, adding value to the world, and helping people get what they want in life.

Which is why my hemp and cannabis companies have donated millions of dollars in nutrients, money, and resources to help ease the pain and suffering of injured war veterans, cancer patients, and children struggling with conditions such as leukemia and epilepsy.

Through our Humanity Heroes non-profit organization, we feed and provide life-giving essentials to hundreds of thousands of people.

As the COVID-19 pandemic began spreading across the United States, we donated 17,000 masks in Los Angeles to help slow the spread.

I’m committed to making a positive impact on humanity, our country, and the American farmer.

And we understand the science of hemp in ways other companies don’t.

You see, when they talk science, it’s OUR science they’re talking about.

They don’t have the laboratories we do, or the staff of Ph.D. scientists testing every possible variable that has an impact on yields, and hemp CBD and hemp CBG production.

We do.

For decades, we’ve been revolutionizing cannabis cultivation and helping growers realize the heaviest, most potent crops possible.

And now, I’m going to do what I can to help you achieve bigger hemp yields, with higher hemp CBD and hemp CBG, and more profits.

And remember, if you’d like any help with your hemp crops, just call 971-979-HEMP and we’ll assist you in any way we can.

If we don’t have the answer for you right when you call, we’ll find it and get back to you as soon as we can, even if we need to have one of our scientists call you back. It happens.

To a successful season.

Talk soon,

Founder and CEO Advanced Hemp

PS. If you’re new growing hemp, a good place to start is this Beginners Guide To Hemp Farming

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